Allow me to introduce myself…:-)


We are not attorneys. I start with that statement not because I don’t like attorneys – they are some of our biggest and longstanding clients – but because I am simply someone the attorneys use to do the research at CIPC (ex-CIPRO) for their clients.

We specialise in all aspects of searching, filing and admin of South African trademarks, patents, companies and legalisation of documents.

I started out employed by some of the biggest intellectual property firms in the country and learned about the intricacies and pitfalls of searching, branding and trademarks.

In 1997 I took the big step and began freelancing. I have built up an excellent reputation over the years with attorneys and private clients alike.

I have a dedicated team of searchers and we will go the extra mile to help you register your brand name and guide you towards the various registration processes.

Abiding by the rules of all things trademarks and patents, we are not allowed to give a legal opinion, but we are allowed to give an informed opinion.

So what is it exactly that we can do for you? We can do the trademark- and patent searches – at a fraction of the usual fees charged by  attorneys – and we can guide you in the interpretation of these search results and during the application process.

For a comprehensive list of our trademark search and lodging fees, please click here.

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For a comprehensive list of our companies and close corporation fees, please click here.

For info on legalisation of documents, please click here.

We deal almost exclusively with South African matters.

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