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Who Are We?

Before we start, don’t forget to check out our New (drum roll), Improved (more drum rolling) websites: – This is the one to use if you are a South African resident. – Our dedicated website for clients outside South Africa

We are a trademark searching- and registration service helping the individual, companies and some of the biggest intellectual property firms in all matters to do with trademarks.

We have been instrumental in the registration of over twenty thousand trademarks plus  over the past 18 years – be it conducting availability searches for the IP industry or facilitating the registration process of trademarks and companies.

We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small businesses to protect their trademarks without breaking the bank. Most start-up businesses cannot afford the services of trademark attorneys from the outset – we are the affordable alternative.

We specialise in all aspects of searching, filing and admin of South African trademarks.

We have a network of referrals – if we can’t help you with a legal aspect, we are more than happy to refer your matter to one of the attorneys who act as our legal representatives.

My credentials:

I started out with some of the biggest IP firms in the country and learned about the intricacies and pitfalls of searching, branding and trademarks.

My learning curve happened here:

  • John & Kernick (now Bowman Gilfillan)
  • Webber Wentzel
  • Hahn and Hahn
  • Adams and Adams
  • Spoor and Fisher
  • And the many other great firms I had the privilege to do work for (and still do)!

In 1997 I took the big step and began freelancing. I have built up an excellent reputation over the years with attorneys and private clients alike.

I have a dedicated team of searchers and we will go the extra mile to help you register your brand name and guide you towards the various registration processes.

We believe in personalised service. We believe in educating you about trademarks and the like. We are not big on conveyor belt kind of service. We enjoy interacting with our clients and guiding them towards the best possible solution for their needs.

Most small entrepreneurs can’t afford the high fees some attorneys charge for their services – help spread the word about us!

Contact us with your question or for a quote; we aim to please!

Telephone: 012 3417 334





Information provided by Brand Power / Trademark24 is not legal advice. Trademark24 may use the services of independent third party licensed patent and trademark firms to file patent and trademark applications. Brand Power / Trademark24 strives to maintain information that is accurate and useful for most individuals but can make no guarantee that information provided is suitable for any particular circumstance.

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