Business registration – how to?

Starting a business seems like such a complex and challenging goal, that we often keep postponing the idea. A good starting point would be to reserve and register your company  name.

We can reserve your company name electronically via the internet on CIPC’s (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) database. CIPC has migrated most of their paper-based services to electronic systems.

Once you have reserved your company name, it takes CIPC roughly 3-5 days to approve or reject your proposed name, depending on its availability. Once your name has been approved, the reservation is valid for two months, extended by a period of one month within which the company can be incorporated.

A certificate to commence business is required by law before a company can legally trade. This certificate needs to be submitted together with all the other formation documentation at the CIPRO in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. The formation documentation consists of a copy of CIPC’s letter confirming that the name has been approved and reserved, a notice of the companies registered office and postal addresses, information pertaining to a company secretary, consent to the appointment of a South African auditor and company directors, along with a statement indicating that the company has adequate capital. More detailed information on these forms and documents are available from us

Once all the necessary documentation has been submitted, the Registrar will register or incorporate the company. It is advisable to consult attorneys or an intermediary agent like TrademarX Online before registering your enterprise, since it would save vast amounts of time and money with the help of someone with sufficient knowledge.

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