Understanding the Patent Journal

The patent journal of South Africa is a document created and issued by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) of South Africa and contains information relating to patents, trademarks, designs and copyright in cinematographic films in existence in South Africa. The patent journal was formerly a printed publication that was available to view at the patents office and was produced by the Government Printing Works (GPW). The patent journal is now available in an electronic format that may be viewed online.

The patent journal is published on the last Wednesday of each month and one is able to subscribe to receive a copy of the patent journal on a monthly basis. This is particularly useful for patent attorneys and other individuals who are involved in South African patents, trademarks and intellectual property.

There is currently a facility where one can do a live search on the internet through all the patent applications in South Africa. There are various options one can enter to search the online patent journal of South Africa making it very user friendly and easy to obtain the information you require.

One may search the patent title in the patent journal to obtain information about the patent. The patent title is the actual name of the patent or invention applied for and may also be used as a search field. You can also search the patent journal database by entering a patent number which is the number given to the patent application by the South African Patent office once the patent has been lodged. Once can search the patent journal using the name of the inventor, the patent number or the reference number of the patent. The agent, such as the patent attorney or a representative of the legal office which assisted in the patent application process can also be used to search the patent journal of South Africa. The name of the person who actually invented the patent can also be used to search the patent journal.

It is imperative that a competent legal representative searches the patent journal in South Africa to ascertain whether a new patent is indeed new and unique before a complete patent application is filed at the CIPC in South Africa.

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