The types of trademark searches

Proper searching involves more than just a basic check of the records. To facilitate the needs and budgets of our clients, we have different types of searches at different costs.

The Quick or Availability Search – this is a basic, exact search to find primarily the existence or not of a specific trademark. We search in classes 1-45 and use the exact spelling provided by the client. The results of this type of search is not a good basis to establish availability of a proposed new trademark.

The Registrability or Comprehensive Search – this is the benchmark type of search. We search according to specific classes for goods and / or services. We include conflicting or related classes and the full spectrum of search criteria.

Other searches – we also do proprietor searches which divulges all trademarks owned by a specific person or company. A ‘not found’ result is a valid result.

An incorporating search is excellent for establishing commonality of a specific word especially in instances of litigation. We provide a thorough list of all trademarks consisting of that specific word. We charge per class, as this search is so wide and we do not search conflicting classes, but only concentrate on the main class.


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