Restoration of a deregistered company or CC

So, you had an oops? Forgot to pay your annual returns two years in a row? The Commission thought you were inactive as an entity for seven years? You requested deregistration but changed your mind?

Not to worry! You may reinstate or restore your deregistered company or close corporation…you also need to be very brave. CIPC describe the steps to reinstatement as such:

  • CoR 40.5 – Application for re-instatement of deregistered company;
  • Certified ID copy of the applicant (director/member);
  • Certified ID copy of the customer, filing the application;
  • Deed search (reflecting ownership of immovable property or not);
  • Letters from National Treasury and the Department of Public Works, indicating that such departments have no objection to the re-instatement, if it has immovable property;
  • Advertisement in a local newspaper giving 21 days notice of proposed application for re-instatement;
  • Affidavit indicating the reasons for the non filing of annual returns, if deregistration was due to non compliance in relation to annual returns;
  • Affidavit indicating the reason for the original request for deregistration, if the company or close corporation itself applied for deregistration; and
  • Sufficient documentary proof indicating that the company or close corporation was in business or that it had any outstanding assets or liabilities (e.g. property, intellectual property rights), at the time of deregistration.

The revenue duty is R200.00, excluding service charges.

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