Trademark protection, business registration and CIPC

A smart business is one that not only stands out, but is compliant in respect of legal and industry standards and requirements. In order to operate legally in South Africa your company must be registered with CIPC, or the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission. This is formalized in terms of company name, operational activities, ownership and associated details during the registration process. Once the appropriate formalities are in place – your brand and corporate identity should be next on your list of priorities, as they also form the basis of your trademark. There is a difference between your brand identity and your trademark. Your trademark protects your identity. Once you have your trademark registered at the CIPC, in terms of the registered company name, you have the law on your side.

Your trademark is the unique and personal way that prospective customers identify your goods and services in the marketplace. They are the symbols, pictures and messages that make you stand out from everyone else. CIPC registration makes the trademark your own and gives you exclusive rights to identify what is yours in the marketplace. Brand identity is essentially the outward expression of your brand and includes the trademark as well as other aspects such as overall visual appearance.

Imagine you were a celebrity actor in a box-office hit of note; subsequently, someone publishes a book using your name as the author, riding on the success of the movie. You would need to turn to a regulatory body to get that person to stop capitalizing on your name. The same thing happens in business and the regulatory body in this instance is the CIPC.

You should also register you trademark speedily! Imagine you have spent significant time and money on branding your goods, offices, transport and stationary with an unregistered trademark and it is challenged by another entity! That means precious start-up capital and resources have gone down the drain. You have a lot on your mind as you set up your new venture and you should therefore leave the complications of registering your trademark to the experts.

Trademarx Online is a proven specialist, able to assist with trademark registration and associated services. Once registered with the CIPC you will be able to enjoy several benefits, such as:

  • Your trademark will be protected from any unauthorized use.
  • Your trademark will be reflected in a CIPC registry which immediately proclaims your presence to other stakeholders.
  • Your trademark can easily be commercialized through licensing agreements.
  • You will be protected against litigation should someone challenge your ownership.

Trademarx Online will free you up to get on with things that really need your personal attention, while we deal with the CIPC. Contact us for help with trademarks, patents and designs, legal services, registering of your new business, and to find out more about our range of services as well as what makes us unique!


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