Formalising your business: Company name registration

The first step when registering a company in South Africa is applying with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission – CIPC. However, before you can proceed with the company registration, you need to cater for yourcompany name registration. Essentially, your company will exist as a separate legal entity, with its own name, authorised to conduct business, acquire assets and borrow. It is best to enlist a professional who has experience in dealing with CIPC when it comes to the formal processes relating to registrations and submissions.

Formal application – company name registration

Choosing a name is no trivial matter for a number of reasons. Firstly, there is the matter of proprietary significance to your business activities as well as the issue of infringement. This means that you will need to make sure that no other entity within your geographic and legal space has already registered the name you have in mind. In addition, it is important having established that a particular name is available that you seek to register that name as soon as possible – technically this is known as “name reservation”.

Form CoR 9:1 is the appropriate form for company name registration. You are allowed to fill up to four possible company name alternatives for the Commission to consider. This helps especially when the name you want has already been taken by another business, or if it is somewhat generic. Only one of the names will be registered. It is recommended that one work with a specialist in order to ensure that name reservation and company registration are handled efficiently and professionally – as comebacks will cause additional expenses and time wastage.

Business naming tips

Names on their own are powerful and in business they can exert a strong influence on the success of a business, particularly with a start-up. In fact, when you get the name of your company right, you are one step closer to developing your brand identity and corporate image. When choosing a name for your business, it is ideal to select a name that reads easily, is memorable and comfortably pronounced.

Another useful tip is to ensure that the name you choose has meaning to it, in the sense that it implies or points to the service or product being offered. If someone hears it, they should know right away what it is. At the same time, the name must not be too generic or try to be everything to everyone. The use of initials is also strongly advised against, as they are considered too broad and typically apply to existing and well-established companies. Proprietary information such as company name and logo should also be appropriately trademarked.

For everything from company name registration to completion of the company registration process contact Trademarx Online today. We will walk and guide you through the entire process from start to finish, answering any questions along the way. Our offering is also comprehensive so we can also guide you on all aspects pertaining to CIPC submissions, amendments, as well as patents, trademarks and so forth. With us you can rest assured that your enterprise is protected and legally compliant.

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