Is there a difference between ‘brand’ and ‘trademark’?

A brand is the identity of a specific product, service or company and may contain names, signs, symbols or slogans. The brand name is quite often used interchangeably within “brand”, although it is more correctly used to refer to written or spoken elements of a product, service or company. If the brand name identifies the brand owner as the commercial source of a specific range of products or services, it constitutes a type of trademark. A brand name may be placed under legal protection by the brand owner through trademark registration.

Brand names that have colloquially become a general term used to refer to certain products or services are known as brandnomers. There are many different types of brand names which you might be aware of consciously or unconsciously such as :

Acronyms : Acronymic brand names are made up of initials such as CIPC, which is a shorter term used to refer to the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission.
Descriptive : Descriptive brand names are often names that describe the product, service or company – in this case “Trademark Research”.
Founder’s Names : Some brand names use names of real people like JIM BEAM.
Foreign Words : Some brand names are adopted from a word from another language.
Geography : Many brand names are named by their locations and landmarks of origin or current situation.
Neologisms : Some brand names are also completely new or made-up words or names.
These are only a few examples of the different linguistic mechanics used in forming the different styles of brand names. This finite set of linguistic mechanics produces an infinite amount of different possible brand names. The art lies in finding a brand name that portrays the personality of your company, products or services.

The act of associating specific products, services and companies with brands has become a part of pop culture. Therefore your brand name requires a lot of thought to ensure that you find something unique, suitable and memorable to represent your company, services or products.

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