Weird inventions that made millions – #9

  It's Funky Friday, everyone! Here is our next money-spinner weird invention... Imagine you're sitting on your couch on a cold December day reading a book. It's chilly, so you decide to use a blanket. But wait! The blanket limits the use of your hands! What are you to do? Well, if you're willing to … Continue reading Weird inventions that made millions – #9

CIPC set to significantly increase revenue duties on filing of trademarks

A confidential source has informed me that CIPC's filing fees (the revenue the government charges) for a trademark will increase from R560.00 to a maximum R1,500.00 per trademark. Apparently, small-and medium businesses (and I suppose individuals) will pay less per filing than major companies. It is not yet clear how this criteria of 'size' will … Continue reading CIPC set to significantly increase revenue duties on filing of trademarks

It’s the awesome biperson umbrella!

It's Funky Friday, everyone! Here's an example of 'too much sharing is not caring'. Yes, smile now, happy umbrella couple, but what happens when you need to go in different directions? I cannot see this ending well.    

Trademark infringement

1. What is trademark infringement? Trademark infringement is the use by another of the same or a similar mark that violates the prior trademark rights of another in the jurisdiction where such use occurs. The legal definition of infringement varies from one jurisdiction to another. The most common standards for infringement are: (a) close similarity … Continue reading Trademark infringement

It’s Friday, everyone! Time for anorther weird invention…this one made some money.

This fake pair of choppers, and others like it, generated some cash for an enterprising dental student and his partner, an ex-college football player. Image courtesy