Intellectual Property enforcement

From CIPC:   Intellectual property (IP) enforcement When a right holder discovers that his intellectual property (IP) rights have been infringed, or are about to be infringed, the focus of his attention shifts. He may have previously concentrated on how to obtain and make use of his respective rights, but now his attention will concentrate … Continue reading Intellectual Property enforcement

Trademark maintenance

After registering your name, it is vital to upkeep the value of your company or product name. This involves using your trade name throughout your company on websites, brochures, and invoices. Don't forget to use the "®" symbol after you have approved registration from CIPC. If you haven't registered your trademark, you can use the … Continue reading Trademark maintenance

Understanding the patent journal in South Africa

The patent journal of South Africa is a document created and issued by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) of South Africa and contains information relating to patents, trademarks, designs and copyright in cinematographic films in existence in South Africa. The patent journal was formerly a printed publication that was available to view at the patents … Continue reading Understanding the patent journal in South Africa

What are the benefits of a registered trademark?

Many people assume they can protect their trademark simply by using the mark in commerce. It is true that you are not required to register a trademark to achieve some level of protection and that one establishes common law rights simply by using a mark in commerce. However, having a nationally registered trademark on the … Continue reading What are the benefits of a registered trademark?

What are “common law” trademark rights?

National registration is not required to establish trademark rights. "Common law" rights arise from the actual use of a trademark without national registration. Generally, whoever first uses a trademark in commerce has the ultimate right to use that trademark in that way. However, there are many benefits of national trademark registration.