Pricing strategy for your business

Courtesy: NSBC e-Mag   Here are a few easy to apply guidelines for your small or medium enterprise: Keep an eye on competitor movements when it comes to pricing and competitive advantages. Try and always keep your pricing market-related or trending. In a price-sensitive situation try and beat, or at least compete favourably, with your main competitors, … Continue reading Pricing strategy for your business

CIPC set to significantly increase revenue duties on filing of trademarks

A confidential source has informed me that CIPC's filing fees (the revenue the government charges) for a trademark will increase from R560.00 to a maximum R1,500.00 per trademark. Apparently, small-and medium businesses (and I suppose individuals) will pay less per filing than major companies. It is not yet clear how this criteria of 'size' will … Continue reading CIPC set to significantly increase revenue duties on filing of trademarks

Glossary – Certificate of Registration

The certificate issued by CIPC stating that a trademark has officially been registered. Following receipt of this certificate, the owner of the registered trademark may legally affix the ® symbol to those goods and/or services covered in the application leading to registration. The owner may also take advantage of all the other benefits of official … Continue reading Glossary – Certificate of Registration

It’s the awesome biperson umbrella!

It's Funky Friday, everyone! Here's an example of 'too much sharing is not caring'. Yes, smile now, happy umbrella couple, but what happens when you need to go in different directions? I cannot see this ending well.    

Legalisation of documents

Why legalise documents and what does it really mean? When documents, issued within South Africa, are going to be used outside of South Africa, they usually need to be legalised. Different procedures are followed, depending on the type of document that is being legalised. Legalising documents means that official (public) documents are affixed, sealed and … Continue reading Legalisation of documents