Trademark & Copyright Symbols

The small symbols that accompany logos, text, images and other material can be confusing to some people who are not familiar with what they mean or stand for. These symbols have different meanings and are used for different purposes. The copyright symbol is known as a small c which is circled. It is used in … Continue reading Trademark & Copyright Symbols

Applications for non-traditional trademarks

Here are the promised guidelines when applying for non-traditional trademarks: Three-dimensional marks *a single view of the representation of a three-dimensional mark will be accepted, provided it is possible to determine the three-dimensional nature from the single view. *the trademark as advertised must correspond with the trademark as depicted in the application form, i.e. all … Continue reading Applications for non-traditional trademarks

Glossary – Certificate of Registration

The certificate issued by CIPC stating that a trademark has officially been registered. Following receipt of this certificate, the owner of the registered trademark may legally affix the ® symbol to those goods and/or services covered in the application leading to registration. The owner may also take advantage of all the other benefits of official … Continue reading Glossary – Certificate of Registration