Can I file a trademark myself?

Erik Pelton writes the following: I get asked all the time: “Can I file a trademark application by myself?” The simple answer is yes.  No attorney is necessary. But just because you can does not mean that you should.  [Of course, I recognize that my position is biased, since I have helped clients obtain more … Continue reading Can I file a trademark myself?


Courtesy CIPC: Regulation 52 (1) provides that any person interested in opposing a trade mark may request the Registrar not to issue the registration certificate within a period of three months from the date of advertisement of the application in the Patent Journal. Should you wish to oppose a trade mark, kindly refer to the … Continue reading Oppositions

Who are we?

We are not attorneys. I start with that statement not because I don’t like attorneys – they are some of our biggest and longstanding clients – but because I am simply someone the attorneys use to do the research at CIPC (ex-CIPRO) for their clients. We rent space inside the CIPC offices, which is extremely … Continue reading Who are we?