Naming a company

CIPC (ex- CIPRO) writes the following: Contact us for help regarding name reservations: The new Companies Act of 2008, just like the previous Act provides for name reservations. If a proposed name is rejected, the company may still be registered and the registration number then becomes the name of the company at incorporation, until … Continue reading Naming a company

Business registration – how to?

Starting a business seems like such a complex and challenging goal, that we often keep postponing the idea. A good starting point would be to reserve and register your company  name. We can reserve your company name electronically via the internet on CIPC's (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) database. CIPC has migrated most of their … Continue reading Business registration – how to?

The end of close corporations

Owners invested in a close corporation are certain to have heard of the new Companies Act of 2008 that published in the Government Gazetteer in April 2009. This new act is set to come into effect by early 2010 and holds many changes for close corporations and larger organisations as well. Building on previous Acts, … Continue reading The end of close corporations

Intellectual property (IP) rights

Intellectual Property refers to any creations of the mind or ideas that result from intellectual effort which include intangible assets such as music, literature, art, inventions, words, phrases, symbols and designs. With the rise of the Information Age, the value of information has been greatly emphasized and a need arose to protect valuable data. Laws … Continue reading Intellectual property (IP) rights