Counterfeit goods

  What does the Counterfeit Goods Act protect? This law in South Africa (from 1 January 1998) introduces measures aimed against trade in counterfeit goods. Such laws already exist in first-world countries, eg the UK. Who is protected? You, the owner of trademarks, copyright works and certain merchandise marks are given more effective ways than … Continue reading Counterfeit goods

Be careful if you love your counterfeit buys!

Trademark counterfeiting.   (A) No person shall knowingly do any of the following: (1) Attach, affix, or otherwise use a counterfeit mark in connection with the manufacture of goods or services, whether or not the goods or services are intended for sale or resale; (2) Possess, sell, or offer for sale tools, machines, instruments, materials, … Continue reading Be careful if you love your counterfeit buys!