How to start a new business in South Africa

In order to open a business there are a number of stages to be completed after the type of business structure has been established. The first stages involve the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC). The CIPC is responsible for the registration of companies, cooperatives and intellectual property rights. Actions to take concerning the CIPC … Continue reading How to start a new business in South Africa

Types of business structures

Sole Trader/Proprietor: One person owns the business and the law makes no distinction between the person and the business that they are operating. The assets and debts of the person are also assets and debts of the business. Sole traders must refer to their business as "Name t/a (trading as) business name". Partnership: A business … Continue reading Types of business structures

Choosing a company name

Deciding on a name for your company should not be taken lightly as the name of your company will essentially be the point of connection between you and a potential customer. If you have a strange name that is in no way relative to your business, people will struggle to remember the name of your … Continue reading Choosing a company name

Should I register my new company’s trademark?

Starting up a small business in South Africa can be a costly exercise and there are always additional costs that creep in that one is not always aware of when starting a new company. Apart from the necessary assets one needs to acquire when starting a business, the second most important aspect of your new … Continue reading Should I register my new company’s trademark?

Intellectual property and the Berne Convention

Businesses and individuals need to become familiar with their rights relating to intellectual property protection in South Africa in order to guard their ideas and prevent others from using them for their own profit. The copyright protection of intellectual property in South Africa is governed by South African Copyright Act of 1978. South Africa is … Continue reading Intellectual property and the Berne Convention

Understanding the Patent Journal

The patent journal of South Africa is a document created and issued by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) of South Africa and contains information relating to patents, trademarks, designs and copyright in cinematographic films in existence in South Africa. The patent journal was formerly a printed publication that was available to view at … Continue reading Understanding the Patent Journal

Intellectual property (IP) rights

Intellectual Property refers to any creations of the mind or ideas that result from intellectual effort which include intangible assets such as music, literature, art, inventions, words, phrases, symbols and designs. With the rise of the Information Age, the value of information has been greatly emphasized and a need arose to protect valuable data. Laws … Continue reading Intellectual property (IP) rights