Pricing strategy for your business

Courtesy: NSBC e-Mag   Here are a few easy to apply guidelines for your small or medium enterprise: Keep an eye on competitor movements when it comes to pricing and competitive advantages. Try and always keep your pricing market-related or trending. In a price-sensitive situation try and beat, or at least compete favourably, with your main competitors, … Continue reading Pricing strategy for your business

Trademark maintenance

After registering your name, it is vital to upkeep the value of your company or product name. This involves using your trade name throughout your company on websites, brochures, and invoices. Don't forget to use the "®" symbol after you have approved registration from CIPC. If you haven't registered your trademark, you can use the … Continue reading Trademark maintenance

CIPC processes you should know about

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission – CIPC – is responsible for a number of processes which govern companies’ existence and operations. From registration of companies and intellectual property rights such as patents, designs and copyright; disclosure of information on its business registers to enforcement of relevant legislation –CIPC’S processes and functions are crucial for the continued … Continue reading CIPC processes you should know about

Starting a business and want to protect your name? Here’s how…

There are two areas of protection that need to be considered - the company aspect and the trademark aspect. Regarding the company aspect, you will need to know how you intend trading. For example: As a sole proprietor using a trade style; As a registered company; As a registered close corporation. If you do not … Continue reading Starting a business and want to protect your name? Here’s how…

Choosing a company name

Deciding on a name for your company should not be taken lightly as the name of your company will essentially be the point of connection between you and a potential customer. If you have a strange name that is in no way relative to your business, people will struggle to remember the name of your … Continue reading Choosing a company name

How to write a simple business plan

1. Describe your business in detail. Start with a written description of your business. This will give you a concise focus. Give an overview of the industry you propose to enter before giving a more detailed description of what your business is and what its purpose will be. Write a clear and concise mission statement … Continue reading How to write a simple business plan

10 Questions to Ask Before Quitting Your Job to Start a Business

Quitting your full-time employment to start your own business is very stressful. When I decided in 1997 to strike out on my own, I was financially strapped and the only solution I saw was to take a leap of faith in myself and go freelance. It was the best and the worst decision of my … Continue reading 10 Questions to Ask Before Quitting Your Job to Start a Business

Companies – annual returns are very important

Fom CIPC: An annual return is a summary of the most relevant information pertaining to a company and close corporation. By lodging annual returns companies and close corporations ensure that the CIPC is in possession of the latest information. It also confirms that the company and close corporation is still in business or will be … Continue reading Companies – annual returns are very important

Searching for trademarks

"Oh, searching to find out if your trademark is available is easy! Anyone can do it. In fact, I will do it myself! And I will save all that money I should have spent on an expert searcher! Heehah!". Pardon the over-usage of exclamation marks as well as the knowing smirk on my face... Searching … Continue reading Searching for trademarks