Intellectual Property enforcement

From CIPC:   Intellectual property (IP) enforcement When a right holder discovers that his intellectual property (IP) rights have been infringed, or are about to be infringed, the focus of his attention shifts. He may have previously concentrated on how to obtain and make use of his respective rights, but now his attention will concentrate … Continue reading Intellectual Property enforcement

Trademark maintenance

After registering your name, it is vital to upkeep the value of your company or product name. This involves using your trade name throughout your company on websites, brochures, and invoices. Don't forget to use the "®" symbol after you have approved registration from CIPC. If you haven't registered your trademark, you can use the … Continue reading Trademark maintenance

How does copyright protect you?

Copyright arises automatically when a work is made, in all Berne Convention countries. Copyright protection affords you, the copyright owner the right, generally speaking, to prevent others from making a reproduction (or copy) of the copyright work, from publishing the work, and, in some instances, from offering it for hire by way of trade. A … Continue reading How does copyright protect you?

What does copyright protect?

What does copyright protect? (Courtesy SABS) The following works, if they are original, qualify for copyright: Literary works, musical works, artistic works, cinematograph films, sound recordings, broadcasts, programme-carrying signals, published editions and computer programs. The category of copyright works most relevant for product design will be artistic works. 'Artistic work' is defined to include drawings … Continue reading What does copyright protect?

The life-cycle of copyright

We dealt briefly with copyright here. CIPC elaborates some more: A copyright is an exclusive right granted by law for a limited period to an author, designer, etc. for his/her original work. Works eligible for copyright protection The Copyright Act protects certain classes or categories of works. The following works are eligible for copyright in … Continue reading The life-cycle of copyright