Pricing strategy for your business

Courtesy: NSBC e-Mag   Here are a few easy to apply guidelines for your small or medium enterprise: Keep an eye on competitor movements when it comes to pricing and competitive advantages. Try and always keep your pricing market-related or trending. In a price-sensitive situation try and beat, or at least compete favourably, with your main competitors, … Continue reading Pricing strategy for your business

How to Get Noticed on Social Media

Mark 2 Creative

Brands cannot afford to ignore social media marketing anymore – social media platforms are where consumers spend most of their time. Brands stand the risk of losing a large chunk in their consumer base by turning a blind eye towards social media marketing. Most importantly, social media is essential for branding and this is why branding agencies use it extensively. Top branding agencies help their customers increase their visibility, brand awareness and customer engagement on social media with the help of excellent brand marketing strategies. Here are some tips on using social media correctly.

Post content from other sources

Don’t just upload your content on social media websites; make sure to post content from other sources that you know your followers will appreciate. Social media is about connecting with consumers and not about advertising your products and services. To build a reputable brand identity, you need to give consumers…

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Management by Control

Good advice for managers!

Practical Practice Management A Division of Top Practices


A common error for new management personnel is they tend to over manage the employees. They want to do a good job to show their boss that they were the right choice for the position, but end up going a bit to the extreme in “managing the staff.”

If the new manager has an insightful supervisor they will recognize what is happening and give guidance to the new manager.  Letting them know that it is okay to ease up on their staff and guide the new manager in ways to lead their staff, which will create a happier environment.

There are those that unfortunately do not receive guidance to learn this valuable lesson and actually like the fact that they are in control or feel that they need to be in control to do their job well. They continue to “micromanage” their employees, which is detrimental to the employees and…

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2014 Budget in a Nutshell

1.  INDIVIDUALS The  maximum  marginal  rate  for  natural  persons  remains  at  40%  and  is  reached  when taxable income exceeds R673 100 (previously R638 600). The  minimum  rate  of  tax  remains  at  18%  on  taxable  income  not  exceeding  R174  550 (previously R165 000). The  primary  rebate  for  all  natural  persons  has  been  increased  to  R12  726  (previously R12 080).  … Continue reading 2014 Budget in a Nutshell

Small Business Tips: Building a Brand

This is good advice! From: Do you as a small business owner feel that building a brand is only something needed by large businesses? If yes, then you need to think again! Your small business is in an exceptional position to create a great customer experience. Your services are niche, your target market is defined and … Continue reading Small Business Tips: Building a Brand