Intellectual Property enforcement

From CIPC:   Intellectual property (IP) enforcement When a right holder discovers that his intellectual property (IP) rights have been infringed, or are about to be infringed, the focus of his attention shifts. He may have previously concentrated on how to obtain and make use of his respective rights, but now his attention will concentrate … Continue reading Intellectual Property enforcement


Courtesy CIPC: Regulation 52 (1) provides that any person interested in opposing a trade mark may request the Registrar not to issue the registration certificate within a period of three months from the date of advertisement of the application in the Patent Journal. Should you wish to oppose a trade mark, kindly refer to the … Continue reading Oppositions

CIPC set to significantly increase revenue duties on filing of trademarks

A confidential source has informed me that CIPC's filing fees (the revenue the government charges) for a trademark will increase from R560.00 to a maximum R1,500.00 per trademark. Apparently, small-and medium businesses (and I suppose individuals) will pay less per filing than major companies. It is not yet clear how this criteria of 'size' will … Continue reading CIPC set to significantly increase revenue duties on filing of trademarks

Glossary – Certificate of Registration

The certificate issued by CIPC stating that a trademark has officially been registered. Following receipt of this certificate, the owner of the registered trademark may legally affix the ® symbol to those goods and/or services covered in the application leading to registration. The owner may also take advantage of all the other benefits of official … Continue reading Glossary – Certificate of Registration

Formalising your business: Company name registration

The first step when registering a company in South Africa is applying with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission – CIPC. However, before you can proceed with the company registration, you need to cater for yourcompany name registration. Essentially, your company will exist as a separate legal entity, with its own name, authorised to conduct … Continue reading Formalising your business: Company name registration

It’s the awesome biperson umbrella!

It's Funky Friday, everyone! Here's an example of 'too much sharing is not caring'. Yes, smile now, happy umbrella couple, but what happens when you need to go in different directions? I cannot see this ending well.    

CIPC processes you should know about

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission – CIPC – is responsible for a number of processes which govern companies’ existence and operations. From registration of companies and intellectual property rights such as patents, designs and copyright; disclosure of information on its business registers to enforcement of relevant legislation –CIPC’S processes and functions are crucial for the continued … Continue reading CIPC processes you should know about