Should I register my trademark locally, internationally or both?

It is very wise to register your trademark in the countries where your business is located or where you plan to conduct business. South African trademark registration only covers the Republic of South Africa. Remember, a South African trademark will not provide protection in any of South Africa’s neighbouring states, or any other country, and … Continue reading Should I register my trademark locally, internationally or both?

Glossary – Certificate of Registration

The certificate issued by CIPC stating that a trademark has officially been registered. Following receipt of this certificate, the owner of the registered trademark may legally affix the ® symbol to those goods and/or services covered in the application leading to registration. The owner may also take advantage of all the other benefits of official … Continue reading Glossary – Certificate of Registration

Some FAQ for trademarks

  Q: Can a company- or close corporation lodge an objection to a proposed trademark if its name is identical or very similar to the trademark? A:Yes. The trademark database is not linked to the company database and a separate search will be done, upon request and at additional cost. Q :How long does a … Continue reading Some FAQ for trademarks