From the archives: What “things” can we trademark?

When trying to come up with your new brand name or trademark, you will probably start hitting your head against the proverbial wall. It’s not that easy to come up with a catchy, original name and just when you think you’ve nailed it, you find out someone else is using it already. You need not … Continue reading From the archives: What “things” can we trademark?

How to Select a Good Trademark

Found on the web: Your trademark is the most important asset your business will ever own. A good trademark will distinguish you from the competition and help you stand out in a crowd. A poor trademark will entangle you in legal disputes and blunt your marketing efforts. Selecting a good trademark is as simple as … Continue reading How to Select a Good Trademark

Quick tips for a ‘good’ trademark

The tips to create a ‘good’ trade mark before its adoption are: - Make it distinctive and unusual for the goods/services concerned. Try inventing a word - Be bold, clever and playful with the brand. Stand out - Don’t limit yourself to a brand specific to your current field. Think long term - Avoid overly … Continue reading Quick tips for a ‘good’ trademark

Weird inventions that made millions #5

It's Funky Friday, everyone! Time for another laugh.... The Singing Fish   At some point, just about everyone has seen an animatronic fish like Big Mouth Billy Bass, Boogie Bass or Rocky Rainbow Trout. Whether from we heard it sing from a wall, a grocery store shelf or a white elephant gift box, we have … Continue reading Weird inventions that made millions #5

Applications for non-traditional trademarks

Here are the promised guidelines when applying for non-traditional trademarks: Three-dimensional marks *a single view of the representation of a three-dimensional mark will be accepted, provided it is possible to determine the three-dimensional nature from the single view. *the trademark as advertised must correspond with the trademark as depicted in the application form, i.e. all … Continue reading Applications for non-traditional trademarks

Who are we?

We are not attorneys. I start with that statement not because I don’t like attorneys – they are some of our biggest and longstanding clients – but because I am simply someone the attorneys use to do the research at CIPC (ex-CIPRO) for their clients. We rent space inside the CIPC offices, which is extremely … Continue reading Who are we?