Why you need professional help with CIPC processes

The CIPC process of amending a registered company, and the changes that accompany the process, can be quite daunting indeed. With the new Companies Act which came into force in May 2008, a number of changes have taken place, including the change of name from CIPRO to CIPC of the body that registers companies and … Continue reading Why you need professional help with CIPC processes

10 Corporations own almost anything you buy

"According to this chart via Reddit, called “The Illusion of Choice,” these corporations create a chain that begins at one of 10 super companies. You’ve heard of the biggest names, but it’s amazing to see what these giants own or influence. Some of these large brands don’t neccesarily own the sub brands, but own a … Continue reading 10 Corporations own almost anything you buy

Starting a business and want to protect your name? Here’s how…

There are two areas of protection that need to be considered - the company aspect and the trademark aspect. Regarding the company aspect, you will need to know how you intend trading. For example: As a sole proprietor using a trade style; As a registered company; As a registered close corporation. If you do not … Continue reading Starting a business and want to protect your name? Here’s how…

Domain names vs Trademarks

From: Cyverlaw@SA M Viljoen BLC LLB GM du Plessis BLC LLB G Vivier BEng (Electronics Eng) BCom LLB Differences between trademark registrations and domain name registrations To understand the peculiar difficulties underlying domain name disputes, it is necessary to have some background regarding the resolution of domain name disputes internationally, and the difference between the … Continue reading Domain names vs Trademarks

Unregistered trademarks

From: Cyberlaw@SA Authors: M Viljoen BLC LLB GM du Plessis BLC LLB G Vivier BEng (Electronics Eng) BCom LLB Unregistered trademarks Our common law recognises the rights that a person acquires as goodwill (which includes, as a component, a reputation)13 or the ability to attract custom, which attaches to a trademark. The principles of unlawful … Continue reading Unregistered trademarks

Trademark infringement

1. What is trademark infringement? Trademark infringement is the use by another of the same or a similar mark that violates the prior trademark rights of another in the jurisdiction where such use occurs. The legal definition of infringement varies from one jurisdiction to another. The most common standards for infringement are: (a) close similarity … Continue reading Trademark infringement


Co-operatives A very simple definition would be to say it is a business where a group of people get together voluntary to obtain a product or service. From this one can see that the members must do business with the co-operative. For example the co-operative could buy in bulk the inputs the members need to … Continue reading Co-operatives

Choosing a company name

Deciding on a name for your company should not be taken lightly as the name of your company will essentially be the point of connection between you and a potential customer. If you have a strange name that is in no way relative to your business, people will struggle to remember the name of your … Continue reading Choosing a company name

Counterfeit goods

  What does the Counterfeit Goods Act protect? This law in South Africa (from 1 January 1998) introduces measures aimed against trade in counterfeit goods. Such laws already exist in first-world countries, eg the UK. Who is protected? You, the owner of trademarks, copyright works and certain merchandise marks are given more effective ways than … Continue reading Counterfeit goods

Registered users and other agreements

Once a product design has been completed, it is likely that you, the designer, will have to enter into one or more agreements with others in regard to the further exploitation or commercialisation of your design. Although a written contract is not always compulsory, it is always advisable to reduce the terms and provisions of … Continue reading Registered users and other agreements